Baby Don't Run



        Baby Don’t Run (Aiello)



I see it in your eyes you can’t decide which way it should go

Talkin’ and talkin’ and talkin’ but what was said I don’t know

It’s a war between the thoughts inside your head against your heart

Such an ugly scene the odds have been against us from the start


It’s not a fight that can be won

…so baby don’t run

no, no, no…



I want to tell you that I love you and that things will be fine

You’re getting crazy cause you know deep down that your heart is mine

Feels just like a dream I watch you get your things and find the door

Such a funny scene cause when you come right back I want you more


you don’t believe that we are done

…baby don’t run

no, no, no…



It doesn’t matter if you’re half-way in or out

My heart is racing but the only thing I’m missin’ is doubt

Drop your defense and I will ease your mind cause


I’ll give you kindness, warmth and fun

…just baby don’t run

no, no, no…

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