Marco Aiello/August Light   Aiello stands in the comfortable space between Pete Droge and Jason Mraz.   If your attention span lasts longer than 30 seconds, you will be rewarded with a pleasant listening experience. All of the songs are worth a listen. I took my Beyerdynamic headphones off after listening to this music feeling good about about life. I have NO time for crappy music.   If I were going to get Aiello’s music on the radio, my choice for a hit single would be Transient, with a radio edit around 3:57. Not only is it a hit, it is a well written song and engaged me from the first couple of down strokes on Aiello’s guitar. To me, Transient captures Aiello’s true expression as an artist like no other song does, but that’s just me.   What’s great about Music today is that YOU get to pick what song you like. People have the power.   If I were John Hammond, I would sign Marco Aiello and give him to T-Bone Burnett...           -Emery Columna  ” - Emery Columna


    In today's sea of over-produced, commercially driven, committee created music, finding an authentic artist is a daunting search.  Discovering an unknown, major story telling talent emerging whole cloth has become a daunting endeavor indeed.     August Light, the freshman offering from singer songwriter and guitarist Marco Aiello is therefore, an authentic epiphany for the listener searching for substance, beauty, depth and delight.     His debut album flows from the best traditions of folk and pop, respectfully crafted around his able acoustic playing.  Here is both melody and content to wrap around you, and perhaps someone else, as gently and lovingly as a favorite comforter, certain that warmth, intimacy and delight will surely follow.     August Light is a startlingly personal musical journey, and while each song offers richness and diversity, it is in first-to-last track listening, that the full measure of experience is achieved.  With a voice like amber, and a palpable ache, Aiello manages not only to enrapture, but also encompass a vast emotional range, with lyrics at once immediate, insightful, urgent and haunting.     The melodious meditation on self-awareness, the discovering of another, the offering of self, unadorned and unembellished, is not without teeth or focused intention.  This is no lovesick meandering through catchy chord progressions, rather a sophisticated, adult clarion call to the universality of the human experience.  There is quite literally, something here for everyone.  In the truest, least commercial sense, there are concepts layered between emotions, discoveries abound around every corner, and dare I say a musical appeal to the healing ability we each possess.  The tracks are tightly produced, and subtly catchy as well.  You will find your foot tapping, your best “alone in the car” singing voice joining in.   This is the power of August Light, the heat before the summer dawn breaks, the gold wash of warm color that assuredly paints everything with promise, even for the most jaded listener.  The experiences of pain and anguish, joy and intimacy we often imagine are ours alone, here are celebrated as a shared common ecstasy.   This is an album, and an artist, unquestionably worthy of your time and attention, for each repeated listening offers nuances and discoveries, as though each time with the artist is the first, new and fresh, mysterious and compelling as a first kiss, over and over.  It’s a work you find yourself sharing with those closest to you, gifting as you might a secret keenly yours.     It’s the genius of what Marco Aiello promises and delivers, that his songs really are crafted and offered, just for you.” - Will McNally

— Music Connect